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365 Project | January

This year, I have decided to undertake a 365 project, well, 366 actually since it is a leap year! I have tried before in the past, but have sadly given up only just a few days in! This year however, so far all is good! I have a group of photographer friends keeping me accountable,
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Being There

This morning, I took down the Christmas decorations. I always do on the first of the year. As I was making the effort of trying to squeeze all the lights back into their original boxes (why do they never fit?), I found myself reflecting on the year just past, and on some of my photographic
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four natural christmas crafts

Four Natural DIY Christmas Decorations

This year, I have made it my mission to try and really reduce my use of single use plastics, and also plastic in general. I took the Plastic Free Pledge for my business, and have swapped out a number of things in my home. I also tried making sure my goodie bags for Christmas minis
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Christmas Mini Sessions are Now Live!

Christmas mini sessions are now live and ready to book! This year’s theme is all about bringing nature indoors – very simple, very natural, and lots of fun! Sessions will take place on Saturday, 16 November in studio in Metheringham! This year’s price is £30 and includes a free digital image. Further purchase options will
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Reproflexology: How Reflexology Can Support Reproductive Health and Fertility|Guest Blog | Life Lived Photography

It has been a while since I have had a guest post on the blog, but the lovely Amy from Amy Williams Clinical Reflexology was kind enough to volunteer to write one for me. I’ve had reflexology before and it has made me feel amazing afterwards! However, I had no idea it could be used
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strawberry picking life lived photography

Berry Picking at Syston Farm

The other weekend we decided to keep our yearly strawberry picking tradition going, with a bit of a difference – we changed location. After hearing so much from all my friends about Syston Farm Park Shop, we decided to give it a go. At only 30 minutes away from ours it was just perfect. The
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Maternity in the Blossom

The weather was iffy, the rain kept coming and going, but we decided to go ahead anyway. It was the only date we could all do that would guarantee the cherry blossom would be there – or so we hoped, because we hadn’t been able to go in and scout the location beforehand. We rounded
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The Travelling Dress Collective – Champagne Sequin Dress

When I saw that there was a travelling dress project taking place here in the UK, I jumped at the chance to take part. It is really something incredible to see how each photographer can take the same simple dress, and really make it their own. Each one of us has his or her own
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Why You Should Photograph Your Everyday

We tend to do the same things every day. We wake up, brush our teeth, have breakfast (or not), battle with the kids to get them ready for the day, do the school/nursery run, work, come home, make dinner, play, have the bedtime struggle, go to sleep (or not) – and repeat. The same thing,
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The End of Our Breastfeeding Journey

And so it has come to an end. Our precious time together and that special bond between myself and my youngest has finished. For over two and a half years I have been breastfeeding her. She was on me only a few minutes after she came into this world and latched on like a pro.
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