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Four Natural DIY Christmas Decorations

four natural christmas crafts

This year, I have made it my mission to try and really reduce my use of single use plastics, and also plastic in general. I took the Plastic Free Pledge for my business, and have swapped out a number of things in my home.

I also tried making sure my goodie bags for Christmas minis this year were as plastic free as possible, and I took the time to make my own decorations for the set and the bags. And so I thought it might be nice to share how to make these decorations, as it is something fun to do with the family with materials you probably have lying around your house and garden.



1. Christmas Trees

twig christmas tree crafts

These trees are super cute. They make great decorations for your tree, but also for putting as labels on gifts!

Here is what you need:


Hot glue gun (or paper tape if you are good at wrapping)

Festive coloured string, yarn, ribbon (I used some leftover string from when I used to have time to cross stitch)


Coloured card cut into star shapes (I used leftover scrapbook paper)

And this is how you make them:

Cut the twigs into three pieces, two of the same length and one that is shorter. Arrange into a triangle shape and glue together with the hot glue. Leave to dry for a few minutes. If you have a little leftover piece, you can always add it to the bottom as a little trunk. Cut a length of string. Be creative here, you can make a zig-zag shape, wrap it around the sticks, or from top to bottom. You can use one colour or more than one. Use a touch of glue to keep the ends down once you finish. Take a little star and glue to the top. Let dry. The you can decide whether to add a little string to it to hang it on your tree or use it on your presents!


2. Dry Orange Decorations

dried orange decorations

These are really easy to make, they do take a while though, and please don’t forget them in the oven!

Here is what you need:

Large oranges

Sharp knife

oven rack


And this is how you make them:

Slice the oranges about 1-2cm thick. Discard the two end pieces. Pat them dry on a paper towel or tea towel then arrange on the oven rack.

Place in the over at 120 degrees. It is best to leave the door open a crack to let the air circulate around them. Put them in the oven for one to two hours (depending on your oven) remembering to flip them over once in a while so they don’t burn!

Once they are ready, let cool. Poke a hole in between the rind and the flash and thread a string through it. Use them on your tree or for presents. They also smell amazing!

3. Wooden Stars

twig christmas stars

The process for making these is quite similar to making the little Christmas trees, and what you need is pretty much the same, but they look awesome so I will repeat myself anyway!

Here is what you need:


Hot glue gun (or paper tape if you are good at wrapping)

String or butcher’s cord, or hemp string, anything natural coloured, or you can go bright and cheerful with some colour, it is up to you



And here is how you make them:

Cut the twigs to the same length. You may need more than one twig for this, so try and choose ones that are the same thickness.

Arrange them into a star shape. But here is the trick, don’t just lay them on top of each other, but weave them over and under so they lie flat. Glue the tips together, or wrap with strips of paper tape. Once dry, wrap some string around the tips to cover the glue or tape.

Add some string, and hang on your wall, or put on your tree!

4. Jar Candle Holders

jar candle holders

These are so super cute, and I have been saving up jars to put them all over the house to make it glow and sparkle, and smell nice too!

Here is what you need:

Glass jars of all shapes and sizes

Leftover string, yarn or ribbon

Sticks, pine cones holly line, pine needles of cinnamon sticks

Coarse salt or sand

Hot glue gun



And here is how you make them:

Wash out the jars and soak off the labels in warm soapy water. When it is dry, it is time to begin crafting. You can be as creative as you like on the outside – wrap a ribbon on and decorate with some pine branches, use some cinnamon sticks with some string – I would love to see what you make!

When the outside is all ready, it is time to prepare the inside. Take a large handful of salt or sand and pour into the jar, place your candle on top and light it. You can also remover the candle from its case, fill the jar with water instead of salt and float the candle on top.


And there you go! I really hop you have enjoyed these and have a great time making them 🙂 Feel free to share your creations over on the Facebook Page, or in the comments below! Give this a share for anyone you think might like it!