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Being There

This morning, I took down the Christmas decorations. I always do on the first of the year. As I was making the effort of trying to squeeze all the lights back into their original boxes (why do they never fit?), I found myself reflecting on the year just past, and on some of my photographic goals I had set at the beginning of the year. One of those goals was to take more personal pictures, and, most importantly to be in the frame more – even if it was just a hand, or a foot, but just to be there, so my girls would remember I was there.

It is something I find a lot of mothers have trouble doing, being in the pictures. They always say, “Oh, just do the children,” or “Maybe another time, I’m not in the best form today, my hair needs doing!” But the truth is the children won’t care when they look through those pictures – they will only see the woman who loved them so much. So, I tried to practice what I preached last year, and intend to do it more this year too.

Here are a few of my favourites from 2019. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.