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Mini Sessions

Throughout the year I run a number of mini sessions. Below you will find information on the mini sessions running for 2021. Click on the button to book your space!

Not all bookings will be live all year round, if you want to be one of the first to find out when they will be released, subscribe to our newsletter (I promise I don’t spam!)


Mummy & Me

mother and child

I advocate getting into the picture with your children, I myself am making that a personal goal this year, to be present in those images! These mini sessions are specifically for mums to have images of them with their little ones, no matter what age! These make a perfect Mother’s Day gift as they take place in March/April.


Best Friends

children running in woods

There is that special person in our children’s lives that makes them happy, that they share their secrets, tears and happiest moments with, their best friend. In honour of Best Friend Day (8 June), this year I will be hosting Best Friend Mini Sessions, just for your child and their bestie!


children in bluebells

Classic bluebell sessions in a stunning location. Nothing says spring like those blue and purple flowers! It is also a great way to update your family images! These sessions usually take place at the beginning of April.


children in poppy field

Nothing says summer like a field full of poppies or other wildflowers. These sessions will take place in the evenings only, as wildflower fields are out in the open and it might be too bright and hot for the little people.

Back to School

back_to_school_photosA huge turning point in the life of parents is when their child(ren) start school. Document this milestone with a fun mini session outdoors. Fun and natural, it is a great way to make this an exciting next step!


christmas tree and girl

Everyone’s favourite time of the year! These sessions are always very popular, so I recommend booking onto them as soon as they are released! They usually take place a the beginning of November so as to have plenty of time for making Christmas cards.