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Family Films

family films lincolnshire

Family films are a new and exciting product I am offering. These are like a family portrait but with movement and sound.

Imagine you could hear your child’s laugh over and over again, or the way they say a certain word. What is it like to make breakfast together, and all the beautiful mess that comes with it – all these little routines, anything ordinary in your life now will feel special a few years down the line. These moments are a keepsake you will be able to relive time and time again throughout the years.

There is no posing, no forced smiles – just like in my sessions. Your kids will never be asked to smile for me or moved into better light for the sake of a photo. My films, just like my photos, are all about the connections within your family. The main goal is for you to forget that I’m even there and just pass the time like you usually would.

During your session, I’ll be a fly on the wall observing your family’s dynamic while capturing all the good stuff.

Sessions can take place in your home or somewhere special to you – or both! 

Film sessions last from 45 min -1.5 hours, and are child-led. Full pricing can be found here