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Write a Business Plan | The Small Business Creator is LIVE!

Writing a business plan is one of the most important parts of running a business, and yet, so many of us are terrified of writing one. Or we write it, stick it on a shelf, and never go back to it again. I admit, I was one of those people. More than once I have tried writing a plan and completely failed, gotten frustrated and given up. Or I muddled through one only to store it on my hard drive, never to be looked at again.

 In an attempt to rectify this problem, I took a class on writing a business plan. It was very informative, but I just felt there was something missing. It didn’t feel like it was for me. It felt corporate, money-focused, it felt like it was for a bigger manufacturing or tech company rather than my small creative business.

So, I continued to do a bit of research online. I looked at blog posts and plan templates and came up empty handed, they all felt like they just didn’t fit my business:


I am a photographer. I am a creative. I have a number of different income streams for my business, each one with its own different audience, requiring a different strategy. I run everything myself and only have so much time. I also want to feel personally connected with my business and make sure I run it following my own personal values and goals.

So I decided to take everything I had learned, and make my own business plan. Something that would serve me and my business, helping make it a success. I knew I needed a proper plan, but I needed something I could look back at, change, and that would cover all the bits!

And then I thought that other businesses were out there like mine, who could use the same help I did, and I turned my plan into a workbook.

The Small Business Creator was born. A workbook to help you create a business plan for you and your business. Whether you offer a product or a service (or both!) then this will help you!

Inside the planner you will find help on:

  • Starting up a new business
  • What you do – your purpose, brand values, products and solutions
  • Your audience(s)
  • Your short, mid and long term goals
  • Finances, cost of doing business, and how many clients do you actually need?
  • Work flows and operations
  • Selling your stuff – branding, marketing, competitor and swot analyses
  • Monthly check ins and social media planner
  • And space for lots of notes and scribbles!

I hope you will find this as helpful as I have! And I am so excited to launch it today!

Find the link to purchase your copy below – I know you won’t regret it!