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Maternity in the Blossom

The weather was iffy, the rain kept coming and going, but we decided to go ahead anyway. It was the only date we could all do that would guarantee the cherry blossom would be there – or so we hoped, because we hadn’t been able to go in and scout the location beforehand.


We rounded the corner and….there they were in all their glory – every single cherry tree in full bloom. Doddington Hall never ceases to impress!

In the shelter of the trees, with the petals slowly falling down, we took some beautiful images and then moved on for a little walk to explore – and that is when the heavens opened up!

Thankfully a gazebo gave us some shelter and we were able to save the dress and stay dry, and when it passed we had some fun hugging trees, playing hide and seek and looking for fairies, and finally pulled out the big umbrella on our walk back to the car.

This was certainly one of my most memorable sessions!

And just in case you didn’t know, these two amazing people are behind Kixx – if your little one loves football, no matter how old they are, these guys will get you sorted!

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If you would like to book your own bespoke maternity session, please, get in touch, there are lots of options, and I am sure we will find the perfect one for you!