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The Travelling Dress Collective – Champagne Sequin Dress

When I saw that there was a travelling dress project taking place here in the UK, I jumped at the chance to take part. It is really something incredible to see how each photographer can take the same simple dress, and really make it their own.

Each one of us has his or her own style, and way of interpreting the dress – this just goes to show how no two photographers will ever be the same!

I received the dress at the end of March, and my brave models were amazing on this cold yet sunny day!

When I saw the dress in the group, I was amazed by its sparkle, its stylishness – and the plunging neckline, because I knew that I could use it in the way I had imagined.

When I planned this session, I wanted a mum who was still breastfeeding her baby. I wasn’t interested in the age, because that doesn’t matter. I wanted to show how beautiful, comforting, and natural breastfeeding is – no matter where you are, or what you are wearing!

I believe it is a wonderful natural gift given to us women by mother nature. I was lucky, I was able to breastfeed both my babies for a very long time, as many of you know, and I think I have been one of the lucky few – never have I been looked at in a strange way, or forced to go sit on the toilet in the bathroom. I never used a nursing cover or a blanket. However, there is still stigma attached to public feeding, and I have been a part of other projects before (including that amazing exhibit last year!)

Thankfully my models were in agreement with my vision and off we went. It was so cold we had to wrap little one in a blanket, and she was brave, but upset at times, and her natural reaction was to snuggle in to the comfort of mummy’s arms and to feed. Which was great for me! She was latched on for nearly the whole time, even when we moved from one location to the next. But it was those moments, when she was upset, and when it was all about making her feel better, that I was waiting for – and those are the moments I tried to capture. My favourite image is, by far, the one where you can see her little tear stained face, but also the relief of feeling loved and secure.

We also had some fun of course, and there was some dancing and spinning around, and I took advantage of the sun to take out my prism and really make everything sparkle!

It was a fantastic experience, and I was so pleased to be able to make it my own.

Please take a few minutes to look at some of the work done by the other photographers in the project – I am sure you won’t be disappointed! The links to their pages are after the pictures.

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