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Why You Should Photograph Your Everyday

We tend to do the same things every day. We wake up, brush our teeth, have breakfast (or not), battle with the kids to get them ready for the day, do the school/nursery run, work, come home, make dinner, play, have the bedtime struggle, go to sleep (or not) – and repeat. The same thing, day in, day out, with a few variations – the weekend away, the school holidays, the day trip, the trip abroad. And this is when the camera comes out, when it is something special.


But the thing is, our everyday changes, slowly, almost imperceptibly, but most certainly. Babies become toddlers, then preschoolers, then they go to school, the become teenagers, and then adults, and then they have a family of their own, only to start their own personal cycle of the same.

And one day you realise that that thing you guys always used to do? You haven’t done it in months, years, and it is gone, only a memory which can fade over time.


This is one of the reasons I started with photography. I have always loved it, but was more interested in taking pictures of landscapes, or our holidays. And then I had children, and time flew away from me, and they changed every single day.

Habits mutated, quirks disappeared, interests changed. But I had my camera, and I could try and remember that. Just the little things – bed time, bath time, cooking, house cleaning, favourite toys, favourite activities, their favourite bedtime story, their favourite spot in the house to play in. A favourite activity.


It isn’t always easy to take these pictures – a lot of time they do their favourite things when the light is bad, on a cloudy rainy day, at night at home. It can be a challenge. But trust me, it is worth it. Those pictures may not be perfect, but one day they will be all you have.

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