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Cuddles, Moths, Flowers and Pheasants | Outdoor Family Session | Woodhall Spa

Another fantastic outdoor session to share with you all today! This time we went to Woodhall Spa and managed to just avoid the rain! The session was full of beautiful chaos, and the discovery of lots of animals! We found moths, snails, worms, fish, and even chased down a pheasant (who was a surprisingly fast
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Into the Woods We Go | Outdoor Family Session | Lincolnshire

It’s been a while since I have written a post on the site! My excuse is half term and kids distracting me every three seconds, and I am totally sticking to that! But I do have a few posts to share and have had a few sessions, so here we go! My first outdoor family
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Celebrating Motherhood | Life Lived Photography

Motherhood. If you are reading this, then you are most likely a mother. It is all consuming bringing a new life into this world. We change. Like magic we disappear. We become “Mum”. Our identity becomes one with our child, we live through them. We document all their little details, all their achievements, their adventures,
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Man holding baby in front of window

What to Expect in an In-Home Lifestyle Session

In-Home Lifestyle photography is rising in popularity for a lot of reasons! People are craving the need to have more natural photographs of their family taken; People want something authentic; People don’t want the stress of convincing their children to pose and smile; People want to include other family members like pets; People want to
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Woodland Waters and the Perfect Light | Life Lived Photography

As a photographer, there is nothing more terrifying and intimidating than photographing ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER! Oh yes, the fear is real! You know that they know as much as you do, and can pinpoint any technical flaws in your images! But sometimes, especially when you are friends, you need to suck it up and just do
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Dens, Dancing and Tickle Fights |Outdoor Family Photography | Life Lived Photography

So, I found out about a new place for walks! When E and her family contacted me for photos and we started planning, I found out about Bourne Woods, which is where they go for walks as a family a lot, and that has special meaning for them. Excited to discover somewhere new, we set
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A Boho Wedding with Great Music | Life Lived Photography

OK so I confess this year I have photographed more weddings than I ever thought I would, but it seems it has been a special year for so many!   I’ve known Hannah and Rob for a few years now, and have had the pleasure of photographing their family and watching it grow!   When
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Ducks, a Jungle and a Maze | Outdoor Family Session at the Arboretum

Another fun and exciting family session outdoors at the Arboretum in Lincoln (if you haven’t been yet, go! It is a hidden gem in the city, trust me). I had the pleasure of photographing three generations together during this session, with Nan, Mum and the children all together exploring the park. There were ducks to
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Client Appreciation Day – A Huge Thank You!

After these last few years, I have realized that the most important part of my business, and what helps to keep it going the most, are my clients. Some of my clients have been with me from the very beginning. And they have continued to support me, not only through booking sessions and buying images,
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Catching Butterflies and Blowing Bubbles

What better way to spend a summer evening, then running through long grasses, blowing bubbles and catching butterflies? I had the honour of photographing this gorgeous family’s session the other week – and it filled me with childhood nostalgia. The sun was low, the girls were laughing, chasing each other and hiding in the long
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