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Spring Family Sessions | What I Love | Life Lived Photography

Spring is officially in full swing, at long last! And this (alongside autumn) is one of my favourite times of the year for outdoor sessions! Flowers are everywhere, the hedgerows are in bloom, the leaves are that lovely pale and vibrant shade of green that just screams fresh, new life!

I also love how we all feel excited to be outdoors, and love exploring all the new things coming up.

So, let’s say you are like me, and you love spring and want to get outside for some new family photos! First off yay! Second, let’s have a look and see where we can go! Our countryside is full of gorgeous places for photos – most of us live near a cool field or something, but I want to share with you some of my favourite places to go specifically in the spring!

  1. Doddington Hall and Gardens

Doddington Hall and Gardens has one of the BEST spring gardens in the county I swear! From their early spring bulbs to the cherry blossom festival in April, it is just pure magic to walk around there – plus the little gazebo is absolutely adorable, and you can stay for a snack or lunch at the café after the session! Win-win! The only downside is you have to pay for entry into the gardens, but I can guarantee it is a small price to pay for the experience!

  • Potterhanworth Woods

This is one of the few bluebell woods I have found in the area that actually has a path through it, so that we can protect the bluebells without going into them! Sadly a lot of the non-bluebell woodland has been cut down, but the patch is still there, and it is still truly glorious!

  • At the end of my road!

Yes, you read that correctly! At the end of my road, in Metheringham, there are some lovely fields, and a short walk through those fields leads to a tree tunnel that is full of beautiful white blossom in the spring and makes for a gorgeous backdrop! If you don’t mind walking a bit this is the place to go – plus there are some little lakes behind too, which are beautiful for images too!

I know there are plenty of amazing spaces I have probably forgotten, or don’t even know about yet, but if you have a place you would like to suggest for some spring photography, then do share!!


If you would like to book in to a family session, you can find out more about outdoor sessions here, or you can simply just get in touch and I will be happy to answer all of your questions!