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Celebrating Motherhood | Life Lived Photography

Motherhood. If you are reading this, then you are most likely a mother. It is all consuming bringing a new life into this world. We change. Like magic we disappear. We become “Mum”. Our identity becomes one with our child, we live through them. We document all their little details, all their achievements, their adventures, days out, and special occasions. But we seem to forget one very important thing – to them “Mum” is the heart of everything. She is the one they run to to make everything better, her kisses are magic. Nobody can put a smile on their face like Mummy can. She is their safe place. And yet, somehow, when they look back at the family pictures – thousands and thousands of them, them alone, them with siblings, them with friends – someone so very important and special is missing – “Mum”.

Mummy and child

We get so caught up in life and living through them, that sometimes we forget that we are important too! I’m guilty of that (so guilty!) which is why I decided to start Mummy & Me mini sessions – to make sure that at least once us mums get in front of the lens instead of always being behind it!

I know it is scary to get in front of a camera – and we are always waiting for the “right time” to lose weight, get hair done, be less tired, oh the list is endless! But the truth of the matter is – they don’t care. They just want to see you in the pictures and remember you as you are, because that is how they see you!

So, this year, for Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift of getting in the picture with your littles – and if you are a partner reading this – it makes a great gift! Trust me!

black and white Mother and child

You can find out more about Mummy & Me minis here or you can just get in touch with me and I will be happy to answer all your questions!

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