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Woodland Waters and the Perfect Light | Life Lived Photography

As a photographer, there is nothing more terrifying and intimidating than photographing ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER! Oh yes, the fear is real! You know that they know as much as you do, and can pinpoint any technical flaws in your images! But sometimes, especially when you are friends, you need to suck it up and just do it! This is what I did for Lisa and her fiancé! As my engagement gift to her, I offered to photograph them together.

So off we went to Woodland Waters and had a wander around the lake at golden hour – the weather behaved and the sun was setting golden and beautiful! We found lots of lovely spots, and even got super lucky as they were burning some brush in the woodland, and the smoke of the fire wafted through the shafts of sunlight popping through the trees. It was so romantic, and just so beautiful! It was so beautiful that we even had a little dance to celebrate!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do – and, if you are thinking of a location for photos, I can highly recommend Woodland Waters!