Catching Butterflies & Blowing Bubbles | Outdoor Family Photography

Catching Butterflies and Blowing Bubbles

What better way to spend a summer evening, then running through long grasses, blowing bubbles and catching butterflies?


I had the honour of photographing this gorgeous family’s session the other week – and it filled me with childhood nostalgia. The sun was low, the girls were laughing, chasing each other and hiding in the long grasses, butterflies popping up all over the place as they were disturbed from their evening rest.


Bubbles glowed all the colours of the rainbow and were jumped at, caught and popped by the whole family.


A moment of calm on the picnic blanket ended up in a climbing fest and even favourite snuggly toys took part in the session.


It was magic. I am truly in love with evening sessions outdoors, especially during these long summer days.

Thank you to this family who has chosen me yet again to capture their memories.

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