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Dens, Dancing and Tickle Fights |Outdoor Family Photography | Life Lived Photography

So, I found out about a new place for walks! When E and her family contacted me for photos and we started planning, I found out about Bourne Woods, which is where they go for walks as a family a lot, and that has special meaning for them.

Excited to discover somewhere new, we set the date and off I went with my GPS leading the way. And that didn’t quite go to plan, unfortunately! Note to anyone going there, the post code takes you around to the back of the woods, and not the main car park, which is actually very easy to find once you figure it out!

But I digress…

During our walk we discovered dens EVERYWHERE! I am not exaggerating, every time there was a break in the trees, we could see dens of all shapes and sizes! We had fun exploring the first few but then decided it was time to move on to other adventures. We did some exploring, some dancing, and I was shown amazing jumping skills.

There were also lots of cuddles for the latest addition to the family – one of the happiest smiliest babies I’ve seen! And those cheeks!! I definitely have a thing for cheeks…they are so fun to squeeze!

I could feel the love and connection in this family, and heard many tales of their adventures – I can’t wait to see them again and hear more stories!


Do you have a place that is special to you? Would you like to include it in your family photos? Get in touch to book your session and let me know where it is!