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Berry Picking at Syston Farm

The other weekend we decided to keep our yearly strawberry picking tradition going, with a bit of a difference – we changed location.

After hearing so much from all my friends about Syston Farm Park Shop, we decided to give it a go. At only 30 minutes away from ours it was just perfect. The weather was very British that day with the sun peeking out from behind the clouds and scorching us, only to disappear in a split second making us feel just a bit chilled!

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But this did not thwart us, as we are used to it by now, so off we went! The first thing I really loved was that the containers were not plastic but paper and there were different sizes. We chose three small ones (though that may have been a bit overboard!) and went straight for our favourite fruit of all – strawberries.

strawberry at syston park farm

There were so many of all different sizes and each one looked juicier than the last. My oldest went straight to work as she is now an expert berry picker, but the little one was a bit hesitant and needed mommy’s assistance – I think this was probably the first time she could actually remember doing this!

strawberry picking syston farm

They did a fantastic job and the boxes were filled in no time! Then we moved on to a curious berry which I had never heard of before, so of course, had to try – the tayberry. This is a cross between a raspberry and blackberry in case you were wondering, and they are soooo good! Definitely going back for more! After paying, we sat on the grass in the sunshine and enjoyed a few of our berries. So. Good.

strawberry picking syston
tayberry picking syston farm

We also ate strawberries in every way shape or form for three days straight, but nothing beat that first one we ate in the sunshine on a warm Sunday morning. Bliss.

eating strawberries
syston park farm

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