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Why are Family Photographs so Important Anyway?

Why should you have family photos? What does it matter when we can take family selfies wherever we are with our phones?

To start off with there is a big difference. I believe in family photos, and not just because that is what I sell!

How many times have you gone out for the day, taken tonnes of pictures, then looked through them again, and realized there are only pictures of…your kid(s)… and where are you? You are behind the camera, not in front of it. So when your kids look back through your photos, they will wonder what you looked like? What happened to my special adult?

Having a professional photographer take these images of ALL OF YOU will ensure that you will have tangible memories, you can look back on year after year.

Children love seeing photos of themselves, and especially photos of their family together. It gives them a feeling of love and acceptance, and boosts their self-esteem (yes there are real studies on this!). I have a gallery wall in the house and my children always love showing off their pictures to friends. My youngest is particularly fond of an image taken only a few seconds after she was born of her lying on my chest. I always get a cuddle and I love you after she looks at it. It melts my heart!

The girls also take our photo albums off the shelf and look through them together, commenting on when we went to do this or that, and sharing memories – your images can do the same – keep those memories alive. Because we won’t be here forever, but our photos will be. This can be a great comfort to them, and remind them of happy memories, even when times are tough.

And on a happier note, yearly family photos can become a tradition! I have families who have been coming every single year for their photos, and they love having the pictures on the wall – to see how their children change year after year.

And sessions are fun! You are making a memory right there and then, as well as having photos. My sessions are very natural and all about being together. If this means feeding squirrels, climbing trees and splashing in a river, then that is what we will do!

I know it is an investment, but this is one you will never regret making. Trust me. Find out more about my Family Photography sessions here.

Xx Elora