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A Wedding in the Sun…and a Dog in a Tuxedo

Yes you read that title correctly! There was indeed a dog in a tuxedo, and you know what? He total stole the show! After the Bride and Groom obviously!

I don’t do weddings very often. I don’t consider myself to be a wedding photographer, but I do photograph life and sometimes, my clients ask me to be there to document their special day, and I can’t say no to that can I?

So when Vicki and Adam asked me to photograph their wedding, I was already leaning towards a yes…but telling me their dog was going to be dressed up totally had me hooked!

It was a glorious day when they got married, even though we had a tiny shower, but it was actually refreshing! The wedding took place at Hall Farm in Snarford. What a stunning location, and the staff were wonderful too.

The wedding was a relaxed country style wedding where guests were sitting on haybales, and the speeches were made standing on tables. The children had a bouncy castle to keep them busy and Henry, the star dog was saying hello to everyone, and receiving a lot of attention!

Vicki and Adam were gorgeous and it was all so heartfelt and fun. I had a wonderful time being there, photographing you and your girls – what a beautiful family you are. Thank you so much for including me in your special day.

I don’t often do weddings, but if you have something special then get in touch.