Reproflexology: How Reflexology Can Support Reproductive Health and Fertility|Guest Blog | Life Lived Photography - Life Lived Photography

Reproflexology: How Reflexology Can Support Reproductive Health and Fertility|Guest Blog | Life Lived Photography


It has been a while since I have had a guest post on the blog, but the lovely Amy from Amy Williams Clinical Reflexology was kind enough to volunteer to write one for me.

I’ve had reflexology before and it has made me feel amazing afterwards! However, I had no idea it could be used for so many things, and most especially to help with fertility. Having had fertility issues myself, I really wish I had known about this sooner. Please read on to find out more about using reflexology for fertility and in pregnancy.


amy_williams_reflexologist_lincolnBack in July, Elora came around to my treatment room in Dunston to take some new photographs for my website. I already used Elora in the past for my business photos but I wanted some new photographs for my maternity page and the new fertility section on my site. My lovely client pregnant Leanne and her husband Tristen came around and offered their time and feet. I have been seeing Leanne from before she got pregnant and throughout her pregnancy and it is a real gift that my job allows me to follow women through this incredible journey, using my training to offer a
treatment that is adapted to the stage of their pregnancy and to any other needs they may have.
Of course, not all couples are fortunate enough to have an easy ride of baby-making and I have recently completed specialised training, called Reproflexology, to allow me to use reflexology to support both men and women in pre-conception preparation, in their natural fertility journey and – where necessary – supporting couples going through assisted fertility treatments. This work is so profound and it is such a privilege to work alongside my fertility clients.
Reproflexology – the study and treatment of male and female reproductive and fertility conditions using reflexology – is an integrative therapy that works alongside and in partnership with conventional medicine and medical intervention. There are currently ongoing studies at Cardiff
Metropolitan University into the efficacy of reflexology to support women with low progesterone levels and a data collection study of 180 cases had a 68 percent success rate (where as for IVF it is 29% for women under 35). It is gaining growing support and is recognised by the Integrative Health
Council, several fertility clinics in UK/ Ireland and Spain and with Andrologists such as Bryan Woodward of X & Y Fertility, in Leicester; Dr Sheryl Homer of Andrology Solutions, in London; and Professor Sheena Lewis, chair of the Chair of the British Andrology Society and head of Examen Laboratories in Belfast.
Using information gathered from hormonal testing, semen analysis, surgical or other relevant medical procedures and basal body temperature charting, I am able to create unique and specialised reflexology protocols to best support my clients’ needs. Reflexology works by stimulating. Sedating and balancing specific ‘reflex’ points on the feet that correspond to specific parts of the rest of the body.
If you are a couple or an individual looking for support for your menstrual health or fertility then Reproflexology could well be a great option for you. For a free no-obligation talk about your own individual situation, please do get in touch.




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