Somebunny Loves Me | My Pet&Me

lincoln-pet-child-photographer-15OK, you can stop laughing now. Personally I thought it was quit clever…

By the title I am certain that you can guess what this lovely My Pet & Me Session was all about: Bunnies! Well, one in particular – Theodore. He was so soft, I was sorely tempted to “accidentally” forget to give him back! But I did though, I just didn’t think the cat would really accept being usurped by a fluffy animal with long floppy ears!

But I digress, Gia and her Theodore are very much in love, and she was an absolute star in front of the camera – I guess it helps that mummy has done some modelling herself! After a few snuggles on the sofa we headed outside, and I saw my very first ever bunny kisses. Too adorable! After a few more snuggles in the grass, and a Theodore solo photoshoot, we had some fun jumping on the trampoline, and dancing in the grass. I was tempted to show off my trampoline jumping somersault skills, but didn’t want to pull some random muscle as I had to still drive home – maybe next time I shall amaze you all!

Here are a few selections of my favourites from the session, as always. And if you want to take advantage of the special LAUNCH OFFER, I do have a few spaces available, so book in now!

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