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Guest Blog: Bowen Therapy in Pregnancy

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I organised myself enough for another guest blog, but I swear I have a lot of really interesting blogs coming your way! Today’s blog is from Jemma, who runs Metheringham Bowen Therapy. Before meeting Jemma, I had never heard of Bowen therapy – I wish I had though, because I think I would have been knocking her door down to help me with my sciatica when I was pregnant with Rory! I remember hardly being able to walk some days, and having to run after a toddler at the same time? It all got to be too much some times! So in light of this, I have asked Jemma to write this article for me – to help all you expectant mums out there who may be suffering with various pregnancy-related issues, as this could be something to help you out!

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metheringham_bowen_therapy_1I’m Jemma from Metheringham Bowen Therapy and Elora from Life Lived Photography has invited me to write this guest blog on Bowen and how it can help Mummies and Mummy’s To Be.

Bowen Fascial Release Therapy is a gentle non-invasive, remedial light touch therapy. It originated from Australia and a man called Tom Bowen. Since his death 1982 the technique has continued to evolve with advancements in modern medicine,  anatomy and understanding. Bowen Therapists can now be found worldwide.

I qualified as a Bowen practitioner back in March 2012. I came to Bowen looking for help following a broken leg and then complications following meningitis.

Since discovering this totally unique therapy I am constantly in awe of the human body. It is very humbling and a real privilege to be able to work with the human form, and with such lovely clients.

In a treatment, gentle rolling type moves are made with my fingers and thumbs on specific areas of the body, with very little pressure. There is no massage, deep manipulation or application of force. 

Using Bowen I work holistically treating the body as a whole, treating the client not the condition that they present with. I am more concerned with how those complaints and conditions affect the client. Everybody is an individual and each one will be affected differently. That is why I treat each client individually and cater treatments specifically for them. Although treatments will have similar elements, no two will be the same, because nobody is the same.The Bowen moves prompt the body’s tissues to relax, repair and re-balance. What separates and distinguishes Bowen from other forms of manual therapy are the “breaks”. Periodically during a treatment breaks occur where I remove my hands from the client and step away for between 2-5 minutes, it is during this time that the necessary changes in the body can begin to take place; bringing about a reduction in pain, improved mobility and optimum function of the body.

Pregnancy is amazing and a wonderful adventure for all, but it is hard work and the body can sometimes need help with the adjustments and challenges over the gestation. Client s have presented with the following complaints over the years; nausea, morning sickness, sciatica, Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), PSD, constipation, acid reflux, fatigue, low back pain, sacro iliac pain, itchy skin, painful feet, cramps, carpel tunnel, tension and poor sleep. All of the above I have seen be significantly reduced and managed if not eradicated using Bowen.

During my pregnancy I suffered with pubic symphysis dysfunction; PSD! A condition which affects 1 in 5 women during pregnancy. This is me at 7 months and I got a lot bigger. 

Hugh arrived healthy a 9lbs 2 1/2oz. The PSD caused in me a lot of pelvic, lower back and thigh pain. I have suffered lots of falls from horses over the years and thankfully always walked away unscathed, however the unseen damage came back to bite me during pregnancy. I used Bowen regularly throughout my pregnancy to manage the pain, as was adamant I didn’t want girdles, or crutches, or medication, and I didn’t!  Up until my contractions started I was still active, walking the dog, driving, housework, DIY etc.! I also had regular treatments postpartum to help with the healing process. Child birth in any form takes its toll on the body, Bowen is ideal for aiding recovery postpartum, and because of it gentle non-invasive nature.

Bowen’s versatility in the way in which moves can be applied means even in the very latter stages of pregnancy, woman can still be treated. Client comfort is paramount even more so when it comes to pregnant ladies.

I hope you have found this Blog interesting and if you have any specific questions or you would like to know more, contact me at Metherignham Bowen Therapy on 07772760243 or email me via