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365 Project | April

April. A change from winter to spring. The days slowly flowing into each other, each one the same as the one before, yet different somehow. Lockdown is never ending. Rainbows are everywhere. I have felt myself drifting into a black hole of desperation, uselessness and guilt. I have completely failed as a homeschooling mother, the kids are beginning to run wild. Routines have gone through the window. My youngest got called in for an operation we have been waiting ages for – driving to Sheffield on empty highways was eerie to say the least. We still had an Easter egg hunt though – I got up at 5am to hide the eggs in the garden, and I heard the birds singing the dawn chorus. It was incredible – never have I heard so much gorgeous birdsong, there is always too much background noise. This is possibly one of the most beautiful moments of the month.

A few of my favourites from April: