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Splash! A Pool Session | Life Lived Photography

You can imagine my excitement when one of my clients contacted me and asked me to take photographs of her son and his friend at the POOL!


Boy was I excited to dust off my underwater gear and get into the water! We chose the Pool by The Bain [link: https://www.facebook.com/thepoolbythebain/] as it is a quiet pool in a lovely setting that I have shot at before, so I knew it would be perfect.


The day of our session was super hot, and we were all very eager to dip our toes in. And when we did, it was so fun – I’m pretty sure I ended up drinking half the pool water as I got splashed so much!

The boys were excitedly showing me all their underwater moves and acrobatics, and they were pretty good I have to say!


We even got baby in for a little swim and first dunk under the water! Too cute!


All in all, the time just flew by – I could have stayed for hours!



If you are thinking about booking an underwater session for your family, you can find out more information about how they work hereor just send me a message  so we can organize one that is best for you!


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