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You are loved!

“You are loved, not for what you look like, but for who you are.”Gemma Griffiths


I know I have written more than once about the importance of parents being in pictures with their children, and I really don’t want to sound like a broken record with yet another post about making memories and all that jazz…BUT….

I was reading an article recently written by a fellow photographer and the way she put the same ideas down on paper truly resonated with me, so much so I have copied one of her quotes and am determined to get it printed.

Be in the photographs with your children for one reason and one reason only –










My work focuses on capturing those real moments between you and your children, and that is often the fun giggles and the laughs, but I have also caught the tears and the cuddles, the reassurance, the leg cling, the snuggle and shyness. Because to them you are everything.

You are the person who magically makes ouchies feel better with just a kiss, the one who can dispel all their fears with a simple hug. The one they turn to for every single emotion – even when they misbehave they do it because they know you love them unconditionally, and they can let themselves go.

They don’t care if we have wild hair, bags under our eyes, or a few extra pounds. One day when I wasn’t feeling particularly beautiful, my youngest daughter told me she loved me and that I was the most beautiful mummy in the world. It melted my heart. And for a brief moment I saw myself as she saw me. Magic mummy who is a part of me and loves me.

Children have a magical gift to see past the outside and look deep inside of you. Capture that for them. Be there, in those pictures you have on your wall or on your phone, because:

“You are loved, not for what you look like, but for who you are.”Gemma Griffiths

I have scheduled special Mummy & Me mini sessions to take place on March 4 and 14. If you would like to book in, just click here.