Best Photo Locations in Lincoln: By Season| Life Lived Photography

Favourite locations for photo sessions – season by season

It is no surprise to anyone who has followed this business that I love shooting outdoors. I enjoy discovering new places, and exploring the local area – always on the lookout for potential locations to bring my clients, and my family!

Below are a few of my favourite locations to shoot, divided by season. I thought it might be helpful for you take a look, in order to help plan your sessions with me!

Here we go!




Winter is a cold period, with not a lot of greenery, but there are still some beautiful places to go, especially on a frosty or foggy morning.

In winter I often go to Branston Hall – when the mist rises over the lake it is enchanting. I also enjoy walking in the countryside, sometimes there are still long grasses that get covered in frost.

Another fantastic place to shoot is in town. Yes, that’s right, in the city. Imagine it all lit up with Christmas lights, and the shops all decorated. So enchanting!

At the end of winter, another beautiful location is to go see the snowdrops in Blankney Walks. The entire woodland is filled with white!





Possibly one of my favourite times for shooting! Everything starts to bloom and it all looks magical!

By far my top locations in spring are Potterhanworth Woods for the bluebells in April/May and Doddington Hall Gardens for the cherry blossom festival in April. Too beautiful!




This probably offers the most in variety!

There is Hanworth Country Park, with its fields of mixed wild flowers. Nocton with its pink wild flowers, and again Potterhanworth when the poppies are in full bloom (breathtaking!)

I also enjoy Potterhanworth Woods, as with its beautiful ferns and field of long grasses, it makes for magic.

Another favourite location is Syston Farm – picking strawberries is a fantastic activity for the whole family, and is a great way to have a session.

The beach goes without saying of course – going at sunrise or in the early morning makes the water sparkle and everything looks magical – especially when you get to go into the water and jump some waves!

There are also the beautiful fields surrounding us – with crops of wheat and barley, sunflowers and maize the options for some fun images are endless!

I also have a location near my home which is pretty much summer in a box – a little stream, tire swings, and a big old climbing tree. Just perfect!




The season of all the colours! Hunting for conkers and colourful leaves!

Some of my favourite places in this season are Kelham Hall, the colours are fantastic. Hanworth Country Park is also beautiful with its apple trees, and Hartsholm Country Park is another location with some incredible colours and light, as well as great climbing trees! Branston Hall is another favourite as well!

Other fun activities to do in autumn is a visit to the pumpkin patch. Nothing is as bright and seasonal as a patch of nice orange pumpkins, while searching for the perfect one!


I hope this post has given you a few ideas – I always ask if there is somewhere special to you when you book your session, but in case there isn’t one of these places might be the perfect fit!