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Butterfly Wishes

I have been meaning to write this post for quite a while now, but work and life have gotten in the way, as they often do!

But even though this is a bit late, it is still important to share – I have proudly and humbly become a volunteer photographer for the Butterfly Wishes Network. This is a non-profit organisation which offers children with terminal illnesses a family photo session for free. All photographers are volunteers, and it is available nationwide.

I have been given so much in life, even though sometimes, like all of us, I find it hard to appreciate it – it was only right that I give something back – especially to those beautiful souls who are suffering, and their family. As a parent, I can truly feel and imagine what these families are going through, and if I can help just that tiny bit, to give them something precious to hold on to, then I will.

If you know somebody who could benefit from the beautiful work done by Butterfly Wishes – no matter where they are in the country, click on the link above and get in touch with them.

Thank you,

xo Elora