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Welcome to the World | Birth Photography Lincoln

And so the day finally came – I was called in to photograph my first birth.

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Tiffany and Stuart were kind enough to answer my call to photograph a birth – something I have been desiring to do for the longest time, and only now felt was right. We met and discussed the plan, which was to have an induction on the 8th, but, as we all know, in birth plans change…and this baby was having none of it.

He was presenting breach, and although they tried everything to turn him, he was determined to stay right the way he was, and so it was decided to perform a Caesarean. The chosen time was 7pm.

I arrived half an hour before the planned time, but Tiffany’s section was pushed back an hour due to an emergency, which thankfully ended happily! As we waited, we chatted and the time passed, until it was time for Tiffany and Stuart to go into theatre and meet their baby.

I waited in recovery for their arrival, and not long after I heard a baby crying, and I knew he was here!

Shortly after, Tiffany and Stuart came through holding their precious bundle – Daven.

lincoln birth photography

So tiny, so perfect. I felt honoured to be there documenting his first hour of life, his first feed, his first poo!! All of it was so precious, his tiny hands, his little kicky legs, and his furry shoulders, the little wrinkles on his head, his perfect little ears.

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Congratulations Tiffany and Stuart and all of your family on the birth of your gorgeous little boy – and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be there.

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lincolnshire birth photographer
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If you would be interested in having your birth documented, get in touch!