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Babywearing in Lincoln | Lincoln Sling Library | Guest Blog

I know it has been quite a while since I had a guest post on the blog, so thought it was about high time we did!

So I bring you the lovely Julisa, from Carry On Parenting and the Lincoln Sling Library! Read on to learn a bit more about the library and about the benefits of babywearing – just in case you were wondering if it was right for you! Oh and if you are a babywearer already, you know I do babywearing photos, right?


lincoln_sling_librarySling (wrap/carrier/buckles!!!) library…What’s it all about?
If you’ve ever thought about carrying your little one in a baby carrier, gone online to find a solution and found yourself surrounded by a vast amount of (often conflicting) information on types, brands, safety and instructions then you are not alone!
Maybe you have a carrier, but can’t get it comfortable or find it tricky to put on.
Perhaps you have never considered the ease of using a carrier, whether just around the house to get jobs done, to use so that you can walk the dog, as a quick fix to get the school run done or just to take with you to the airport so that you have less stuff to get about on holiday!
Whatever your carrying requirements are, help is at hand in the way of a sling library!
Lincoln sling library, run by Carry on Parenting, is a friendly, informative service that aims to help families in Lincoln and the surrounding areas carry their little ones comfortably and safely. Even if you don’t know anything at all about carrying your baby or child, the volunteers at the sling library can help advise you to find something suitable.
We hold weekly sessions where you can meet other parents, grab a cuppa, browse through the carriers and try on at your leisure as well as ask questions about all things sling related. If you need it, you can get a demo of how to put the carrier on and we also hire slings and carriers out so that you can try them at home to get a better idea of whether a certain sling is for you.
If you are confused by all the jargon surrounding carrying (there seems to be a new language involved), want some guidance on different brands or want to know the difference between a full buckle and a ring sling, we can help you get to the bottom of the mystery!!
Maybe you have had a bad experience with carrying but want to see if there are other options available to you or perhaps you are intrigued but a little scared to have a go on your own, our friendly team of helpers is on hand to guide you in the right direction.

The meets are free to come along to, there is a small charge if you hire a sling or bring your own sling for fitting, which enables us to continue to replenish and extend the library stock and keep the
service going.
As part of our extended services we are also able to offer small group workshops and one to one consultations and workshops for an additional fee. These are designed to develop your skills above the basics that we teach in sling library sessions.
Meets are held weekly and are posted on Facebook: Lincoln sling library/Carry on Parenting
Alternatively you can contact Julisa for more information: Email
Phone: 07920 055281.

And, just in case you are wondering whether or not to give it a try, I have my top benefits of babywearing to share with you right now!

carry_on_parenting_lincolnUsing a baby carrier:

  • Reduces crying!  Fact!! Research shows babies carried for 3 hours or more per day cry up to an absolutely whopping 43% less overall and 54% less in the evening (4pm-12pm).
  • Helps babies’ physical and emotional development.  
  • Can reduce the risk of SIDS through having your little one close and in view whilst sleeping during the day.
  • Allows caregivers to be hands-free!! Imagine being able to make a drink, have lunch, play with an older sibling, take the dog for a walk and so much more!!
  • Increases confidence as parents.   Caregivers who use carriers are more likely to tune into their babies movements, gestures and facial expressions and so respond to their needs before they start to cry, which increases their trust in us and in return helps  us feel confident in our actions!
  • Eases the discomfort of reflux
  • Is a bonding tool. With caregivers so close, baby becomes used to their movements, facial expressions, voice and heartbeat much quicker, and this helps create strong attachments (which have long term benefits of psychological security and independence).
  • Promotes early language development.
  • Benefits babies who are born prematurely or with special needs significantly. Research shows babies who are touched and held gain weight faster and are healthier
  • Boosts milk production
  • Releases more Oxytocin, promoting emotional and mental well-being
  • Creates a safe place for toddlers (and babies), and can be used to give little legs a rest.
  • Is great exercise
  • Helps you get out and about

This is just a quick summary of some of the sheer awesomeness of carriers!!! For more information please get in touch.