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Harrison’s Hampers | World Down’s Syndrome Day 2018

harrisons_hampers_lincolnshireI think it is all too fitting that this month’s guest blogger be Emma from Lincolnshire Down”s Syndrome Support Group on this very special day, World Down’s Syndrome Day. I hope everyone has been wearing their mismatched socks!

Emma started Harrison’s Hampers in order to help families welcome their beautiful babies, and to help them feel a part of the community, and not alone, as many of us parents feel with a new baby! Below is her blog post, please feel free to share, or get in touch with her, if you know of a family who would love to receive a hamper, or even if you just want to help!



Hi everyone!


I’ll start by introducing myself, my name’s Emma and I am a Mummy to 2 wonderful children, Harrison (5) and Phoebe (2). I work as a Special Needs Teacher in Gainsborough and I volunteer as Secretary for the Lincolnshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group (LDSSG).

March is a busy and pertinent time of the year in our family, as we celebrate Harrison’s birthday followed by World Downs Syndrome Day on the 21st. At just 2 days old Harrison was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. Now 5 years ago, that memory of being given that news from the medical professionals will always be as vivid as if it was just yesterday. It was quite soon after this experience that I began making plans for my project ‘Harrison’s Hampers’. Harrison’s Hampers are a congratulatory gift given to all new parents of a child born with Down’s Syndrome in Lincolnshire. The project aims to put a more positive light, on what can be, a difficult time for some parents as they come to terms with the diagnosis. The Hampers have something for all the family such as: Aloe toiletries, a baby’s hat and outfit, baby blankets, a book ‘I love You Natty’, a taggie and LDSSG leaflets to help signpost new families to our support group. So far I have given 10 Hampers between Boston and Lincoln Hospitals and I am now organising my next batch of 30, now I have piloted them and they have been well received. The value of each Hamper comes to around £25 with a lot of content kindly donated by local businesses and/or friends and family. My aim this year is to raise the profile of Harrison’s Hampers, continue to improve on the quality and quantity of the content and to ensure the Hampers are getting to ALL families which requires some coordination in such a big county! The feedback from those families who have received a Harrison’s Hamper and the medic professionals who are involved with my project, provide me with the inspiration and drive to continue providing this gift.


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