Babywearing & Breastfeeding


There is a special bond that babies form with their mothers, a bond that comes from holding them close, being able to smell that new baby smell that only your little one has. Babywearing and breastfeeding have been shown to be the best for your new baby. The nutrients in mother’s milk help your baby’s immune system and helps them grow healthy and strong, and it also helps them bond with you as the position allows them to feel your warmth, your smell and hear your heartbeat – their constant companion for the nine months they were in your belly.

Baby wearing is a continuation of that – they feel comforted by being so close to you (not to mention all the stuff you can get done with a baby strapped to you!)

What a special bond to immortalise as part of your outdoor, in-home, or life inspired studio session!

Breastfeeding sessions can be held either outdoors in a location of your choice, or in your own home. Baby wearing sessions are best outdoors, but we can have them in a quiet spot in the countryside, a park, or even right in the city – anywhere is a perfect place .

**If you belong to a local breastfeeding group or sling library, please contact me to arrange mini session days – they are great fun and help raise awareness **


Babywearing and Breastfeeding mini sessions are to be added onto a full session. A full session costs £69*. Sessions last from 45 min -1.5 hours, depending on the children. It includes a 12×8 fine art print. Product pricing can be found here.

Before each session, you will receive a welcome pack – then we can get to the fun of planning, choosing a location, and making this an unforgettable experience.

*There is an additional charge of £1.50/10 miles for travel outside of 30 miles from LN4.




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